Friday, January 15, 2010

A Book?

So lately I have been revisiting my idea/desire to write a book. I have thought that writing a children's book would be a lot of fun and exciting. I have a background in Early Childhood Education and currently teach in a preschool. Based on these facts I figured it would be a fun and easy endevour. While I deeply want to write an exciting, funny, well written book, I keep getting stuck on what to write about. I used to have all these ideas and such an imagination but it seems like I just can't figure out or remember what I had envisioned before. On one hand I wonder if I'm just trying too hard but on the other I wonder if it's just not something I'm meant to do. It has been something I have dreamed of doing for a long time so it would be really sad if it never happened. Can I really have writer's block before I've even begun? Any ideas on what topics are lacking when you go to look for books for your children? I had once thought I would develop a character (an elephant of course....I love elephants) and create a series around him/her....but every time I think about what the first book should be about I question as to whether or not that's even a good I crazy to keep pursuing this? I mean, I work full-time, I am currently in my last semester to finish my master's degree, and I have a one year old and a husband who I want to spend time with as well.....Am I spreading myself too thin?


  1. You're absolutely not crazy. I've had the desire to write a book all my life. That is why I majored in history. Lots, and lots.. AND lots of writing just to get a BA in history. I have a similar problem. I feel like my ideas don't come together like I want them. I have a ton of ideas. Always. I ready constantly and don't feel right without a book to read, it's just I'm a bit dyslexic and need to write the actual manuscript from end to beginning which is too time consuming for me.

    A childrens book is not a bad idea. Neither is an Elephant. I grew up on Babar. He's an awesome elephant. :) When I look for books for my two girls, I look for things they'll enjoy. Like the Sandra Boynton books basically. They're fun, cute and not to long of a read before bed. I also look for books that will teach them how to behave too. I'm probably not much help but if it's something you want to do, don't let "Writers block" get in the way. Open up a word document and brain storm whenever you can. You will eventually find what you're looking for.

  2. thanks! hope things go well for your writing as well!

  3. If writing a children's book has always been a ambition of yours then it would definitely be a shame if you did not write one! Keep a pad and paper by your bed, or in your bag just so that when you get inspiration you can jot down your thoughts right away so you do not forget, as you already know inspiration can come from anywhere!

    Just set a realistic time line for yourself, and remember that the process is suppose to be fun and enjoyable, this way it wont feel like it is straining other aspects of your life.

    I cannot wait to hear about how your process goes, keep us updated! Goodluck!